Acquiring Residence Status for Foreign Nationals Residing Overseas Wishing to Start a Business in Japan

Acquiring Residence Status for Foreign Nationals Residing Overseas Wishing to Start a Business in Japan

Obtaining residence status for individuals planning to establish and manage a business in Japan.

We support a smooth process, including corporate establishment in Japan, obtaining a “Management and Administration” visa, arrival in Japan, and assistance with opening a bank account.


Types of ServicesFeeStatutory FeeTotal Fee (excluding tax)
Management and Administration Visa Acquisition¥165,000¥0¥165,000

Corporate Establishment (Incorporation)

¥52,000 (Notary Public Office)
¥0 (Revenue Stamp)
¥150,000 (Legal Affairs Bureau for electronic application)

Bank Account Opening Support
・Separate email address acquisition
・Creation of a simple website
Initial Fee: ¥55,000
Success Fee: ¥55,000


  • Fees are approximate.
  • Consultations and estimates are free.
  • Actual expenses (postage, etc.) may be added to the total fee.

Requirements (As of December 2023)

All three conditions below must be met.

①An office is secured within Japan.

②Either of the following:

  • Employing two or more full-time employees with a residence in Japan.
  • Capital or total contribution of ¥5 million or more.

③Possessing three or more years of experience in business management or administration (including periods specializing in business management at the graduate level) and receiving compensation equivalent to or higher than that of a Japanese person engaged in similar work.

Procedure for Your Request


Feel free to contact us via phone, email, or LINE.
TEL: 03-6450-3286 (Business Hours: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM)

Initial Consultation (Free)

We will discuss your situation and propose the most suitable solution.

  • In-person or online consultations are available.
  • We can also accommodate appointments on weekends, holidays, weekday evenings, or early mornings with prior reservation.
Quotation Presentation

We will provide information on the estimated costs.

Contract Agreement + Payment

Once you agree to our proposal, we will send you an invoice. Please make the payment by the specified date.

Document Preparation + Application

We will promptly prepare the necessary documents and proceed with the application. Certain documents will be required from you during this process.

Receipt of Application Results

We will promptly inform you of the results, marking the completion of our services.