Procedures for staying abroad for more than one year from Japan

Procedures for staying abroad for more than one year from Japan

When planning to stay abroad for more than one year from Japan, it is necessary to obtain a re-entry permit. This permit is granted in advance of departure and is required if you intend to temporarily leave the country and re-enter.

There are two types of re-entry permits: single-entry permits valid for one use only and multiple-entry permits valid for multiple uses within the specified period. The validity period is determined within the range of the resident status period, with a maximum duration of five years (six years for special permanent residents).


Procedure NameFeeStatutory FeeTotal Fee (excluding tax)

Re-entry Permit Application



  • Single-entry: Valid for one entry into Japan within the specified period of the permit.
  • Multiple-entry: Allows multiple entries into and exits from Japan within the validity period of the permit.
  • Additional actual expenses (postage, etc.) may be added to the total fee.

Virtual Re-entry Permit

Foreigners residing in Japan with a valid passport, holding a residence card, and falling under categories with a residence period of “3 months” or less or those with a “short-term stay” residence status do not generally need to acquire a regular re-entry permit if they plan to re-enter within one year from the date of departure.

With a valid passport and residence card, they can enter and exit using the virtual re-entry permit without the need for specific pre-departure procedures.

For foreigners whose residency period expires before one year from the departure date, it is necessary to re-enter before the residency deadline.

Furthermore, individuals who have left using the virtual re-entry permit cannot extend the permit’s validity even if they encounter circumstances such as illness or injury preventing re-entry within the expiration period.

※The regular re-entry permit can be extended within a timeframe of less than one year.

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