Procedure for Inviting Foreign Workers to Japan

Procedure for Inviting Foreign Workers to Japan

To employ a foreign national currently residing abroad in Japan, it is necessary to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility for Residency Status from the Japanese immigration authorities in advance.

Please note that this requirement excludes short-term stays, such as visits for tourism, family or acquaintances, or for meetings and business negotiations within a period of three months.

Certificate of Eligibility for Residency Status

Foreign nationals intending to enter Japan need to apply in advance for a Certificate of Eligibility for Residency Status to prove that the activities they plan to undertake in Japan fall under one of the qualifying residency statuses.

The Certificate of Eligibility, once granted, can be submitted or presented during visa application procedures at overseas embassies or when applying for landing permission. This facilitates the swift issuance of a visa or landing permission.

This document, certified by the Minister of Justice, attests that the foreign national has met the conditions to work or reside in Japan.


Procedure NameResidency Status in JapanFeeStatutory FeeTotal Fee (excluding tax)

Application for Certificate of Eligibility for Residency Status
Technical Intern Training, Humanities, International Services90,000円~0円90,000円~
Highly Skilled Professional80,000円~0円80,000円~
Business Manager, Managerial and Administrative Activities150,000円~0円150,000円~


  • The fees are approximate.
  • The fees may vary depending on factors such as disapproval of the case or difficulty, and there are instances where the cost may be reduced.
  • Consultations and quotations are free of charge.
  • In addition to the above, various other categories such as “Skill,” “Teaching,” “Research,” “Education,” “Entertainment,” and more are also accommodated.
  • Additional expenses (such as postage) may be added to the total fee.

Procedure Overview

Procedure NameApplication for Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status
Target AudienceForeign individuals wishing to enter Japan (not applicable for short-term stays)
ApplicantApplicant themselves (foreign individual wishing to enter Japan), staff of the institution intending to accept the foreign individual, or an intermediary agent falling under (1) to (3):

(1)Staff of a public interest corporation aiming to facilitate smooth acceptance of foreigners, recognized as appropriate by the local immigration control bureau director.

(2)Lawyers or administrative scriveners who have notified the local immigration control bureau director.

(3)Legal representatives of the applicant.
Application LocationLocal immigration control office with jurisdiction over the intended place of residence or the location of the accepting institution.
Application TimingPromptly upon receiving a job offer. Processing time can range from as short as 2 weeks to potentially 6 months depending on the case. (Typical processing period: 1 to 3 months)
Statutory Fees0円
Reviewing AuthorityAccording to immigration laws, the foreign individual must demonstrate compliance with the conditions for landing. However, professionals such as intermediary administrative scriveners, like us, who are commissioned by the accepting company, collect and create the necessary evidence. The evidence should cover various aspects, including the foreign individual’s personal history and diverse information about the accepting company.

Required Documents

The necessary documents vary depending on the residence status and the nature of the activities. Please inquire for detailed information during the consultation.

Here is an example of company-related certificates (may vary based on the company’s situation):

  • Copy of the statutory statement totalizing documents such as withholding tax slips for employees’ income for the previous year.
    • Copy with reception seal.
  • Copy of the latest fiscal year’s financial statements.
  • Certificate of registered matters.
  • Employment contracts or offer letters based on the Labor Standards Act.
  • Information sheet about the workplace disclosing business details.
    • Detailed information such as history, officers, organization, and business content.
  • Document outlining the company’s business plans (applicable for new businesses).
  • Copy of the notification of the establishment of the office handling salary payments (applicable for new businesses).
  • Income tax withholding statement showing income details such as salary income and retirement income for the past three months (or documents proving the special circumstances of the delivery deadline).

Personal Identification Documents

  • Photograph: (Vertical 4cm × Horizontal 3cm)
  • Resume: Document verifying the applicant’s educational background, work history, and other relevant experiences.
  • Document verifying either the educational or work history, including one of the following:
    • (A) Graduation certificate from a university or an equivalent document proving education at a level equal to or higher than this. Note: For holders of qualifications under the DOEACC system (certified by the IT Ministry of India), DOEACC certification (limited to Levels “A,” “B,” or “C”).
    • (B) Document, such as a certificate of employment, proving the period engaged in relevant duties (including a certificate from the school indicating the duration of specializing in the relevant technical or knowledge subjects during the specialized course at a university, technical college, high school, or vocational school).
    • (C) For IT technicians, a document proving the passing of an examination or certification related to “Information Processing Technology,” as specified by the Minister of Justice through special notification.
    • (D) For those engaged in tasks requiring a foundation in foreign culture or necessitating thinking and sensitivity (excluding those who graduated from university and are engaged in translation, interpretation, or language instruction), a document proving over three years of practical experience in the relevant field.

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