I want to establish a company

I want to establish a company

In the case of establishing a legal entity:

  • Corporation (Kabushiki Kaisha)
  • Limited Liability Company (Godo Kaisha)
  • Others

We will support you in the process.


Types of CompaniesFees(Excluding TaxTotal Legal Fees (Excluding Tax)
Kabushiki Kaisha (株式会社) – Stock Company88,000円(Office Fee)
52,000円(Notary Office)
40,000円(Revenue Stamp)
No charge for using electronic articles of incorporation
150,000円(Legal Affairs Bureau)
Godo Kaisha (合同会社) – Limited Liability Company77,000円(Office Fee)
60,000円(Legal Affairs Bureau)
Other Legal EntitiesConsultation required for other casesConsultation required for other cases


  • Consultation and estimates are free of charge.
  • Additional fees apply if the representative resides overseas.
  • Registration procedures will be conducted by affiliated judicial scriveners.
  • Incidental expenses (such as postage) may be added to the total fees.

Procedure Overview

RequirementsOne or more investors, capital of 1 yen or more
Steps to Establishment1. Determination of establishment details (company name, address, capital, business objectives, etc.).
2. Preparation of articles of incorporation.
3. Notarization of articles of incorporation at the notary office.
4. Payment of capital.
5. Application for company establishment registration to the Legal Affairs Bureau (approximately 1-2 weeks).
Birth of the corporation.
Required Days for Registration1-3: 1 week to 10 days.
5-6: 2 to 3 weeks.
Total: 1 to 2 months.
Other Notifications Required After Corporate Establishment1. Notification of corporate establishment.
2. Application for approval of blue tax return.
3. Notification of the establishment of the salary payment office.
4. Application for approval of special deadline for withholding tax.[Metropolitan Tax Office (for Tokyo)] or Prefectural Tax Office.
5. Notification of corporate establishment.[City Hall] (not required for the 23 wards of Tokyo).
6. Notification of corporate establishment.
[Labor Standards Inspection Office] (if there are employees).
Application for applicable business report.
Work rules.
Notification of establishment of employment insurance relationship.
Declaration of estimated labor insurance premiums.
Agreement on overtime and holiday work.
7. Notification of employment insurance applicable workplace establishment.[Public Employment Security Office] (if there are employees).
Notification of acquisition of employment insurance qualifications.
8. New application for health insurance and welfare pension insurance.[Pension Office]
Notification of acquisition of health insurance and welfare pension insurance qualifications.
Notification of dependents under health insurance (change).

Procedure for Your Request


Feel free to contact us via phone, email, or LINE.
TEL: 03-6450-3286 (Business Hours: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM)

Initial Consultation (Free)

We will discuss your situation and propose the most suitable solution.

  • In-person or online consultations are available.
  • We can also accommodate appointments on weekends, holidays, weekday evenings, or early mornings with prior reservation.
Quotation Presentation

We will provide information on the estimated costs.

Contract Agreement + Payment

Once you agree to our proposal, we will send you an invoice. Please make the payment by the specified date.

Document Preparation + Application

We will promptly prepare the necessary documents and proceed with the application. Certain documents will be required from you during this process.

Receipt of Application Results

We will promptly inform you of the results, marking the completion of our services.